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Dreaming about Open Hardware

Sometimes I sit and day dream  (Offsite URL: )  about what I see as possible configuration of existing technologies that can be combined in novel ways, to expand their versatility and usefulness in improving all of our collective, quality of life?

I have always believed that our current level of technology was being restrained for less than positive motives.  Built-in obsolescence, do not fix all the bugs in your first go round, you are eliminating work too quickly is unwise. 🙂 Maybe I am sounding pessimistic, I know that this is a truth for Closed Source companies. Entropy.

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Oui, octal core setup is adequate for my base 4/3 sim setup (4 cores, 3 for the sims and one for the databases.) Octal core allows for 2x2x2x2 (2coresX2coresX2coresx2cores)=2x2x2x2=16 and external servers are 4core minimum @home (3200/3400 opterons in a cube with 3 1Gb Ethernett, USB3, HDMI, Lightning, FibreChannel, DVI, Firewire 800.
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Turn your Raspberry Pi V1 into an Automatic Backup Server

Currently implementing with 2 drives, minus a USB Hub or external power. Running off Battery Pack at present.

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When Main Street Opens Up

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ARM Compiler 6.4 extends support to ARM Cortex-R processors




Xen Server

Beginning with a virtualized foundation with your operating system software. On top of this base, one can run any of the modem day Operating Systems like Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux and other experimental platforms.

This might seem like overkill or extreme until you understand the stability that you are introducing beyond what commercial corporations like Microsoft which are intrinsically limited because they are Closed Source. Closed Systems are unable to counter entropy of their performance over time.  Use your computer for a while and don’t perform any maintenance and see how much your computer slows down.

My systems do not. This is one of many principles that I bring to my business NetworkIron Solutions Inc. and here to The Source Lab blog.