Application Idea

I recently have been researching existing solutions for an application and have added a 3rd requirement that I believe would be the

  • A Personal Chef (The Service Provider)
  • The Consumer (End User)
  • A Food Supplier (in my local case, that would be Grocery Gateway ) ◊

Upon a Google search I came up with a few options with obvious, and not so obvious short comings or lacking an ability to use the app in my location.  (Not available in Toronto at this time) website listed many chefs in the GTA.

Feature Opportunity: I also believe that an application should facilitate meal planning as a collaborative tool with the Chef and Consumer. The Food Supplier could then have an avenue of regular business every time the Chef and Consumer created a Meal Plan for their agreed upon period of time. Once completed the application would generate a list of food required to fulfill the Meal Plan. A homegrown site and solution right here in Toronto. More to explore, maybe they’d be interested in supporting this idea further.♣

On-demand private chef startup Kitchit shuts down

Why did KitchIt shut down? Opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Others cited above have shut down or launched and shuttered for a lack of a “sustainable business model”. This article outlines the following 5 items

  1. Diversity
  2. Modularity
  3. Openness
  4. Slack Resources
  5. Matching Cycles

Further exploration required and to come.


Follow up

Another open link





◊ I have not been in contact with Grocery Gateway to even know whether they are open to such a proposal. Partnership/Joint Venture Opportunity, etc.

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