Audio Streams & The Metaverse

Second Life: For SL and ALL virtual reality/social networking  worlds—use this URL:
Don’t try to click on it here. Just copy and paste it into the audio settings for your destination property. Thanks to our friends at Digistream for helping us make this stream available specifically for Second Life and other similar grids

Martini In The Morning Webpage is a great example of an internet stream that shares their stream with SL and other virtual reality/social networking worlds.

DJs that perform in RealLife™®© can supplement their income stream through hosting gigs “in world”.

A Universe of 10 Dimensionscarlson.davide

Sound is a dimension. Open ;

Our Senses are each a dimension.

We All Are Energetic Trans-dimensional Beings Who Have Physical Shells Formed Around A Zero-Point Energy Source, Our Heart Center.






:) Ask
"the only thing i click more than my mouse, is my shutter release"

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