An Afternoon Attack…

Cybersecurity, privacy protection, encryption fending off attackers that want to take control of your systems has been a part of the Internet since the dawn of it and before. Phreakers, Crackers and Hackers et al have long been a part of culture.

Today I was subject to an attack. I fake FB profile sends me a shortened URL, that of course leads to an app that hopes to snare me in it’s trap. I don’t bite. Well I do, from their perspective. First, they’re friends request is accepted, quick perusal of said profile, shows new car fresh scent, newness, therefore odd are it’s a Fakebook profile. Blocked.

Snagging the shortened URL and backtracking they’ve built an app on an HTML5 hosting service for free. Oh fun. Another proving ground for misanthropes to hatch their plans for World Domination, NOT!

Whether there’s an evil genius behind the app or it’s an AI, only time will tell.



:) Ask
"the only thing i click more than my mouse, is my shutter release"

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